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Villagecraft was a community calendar experiment intended to help people access the rich wealth of knowledge and practical experience that is alive and well in human communities everywhere.

We believe (and still do) that jumping in and learning a new skill or craft alongside other people is a powerful way to encourage understanding between radically different groups of people.  We focused on hands on skills and crafts because of the strong benefits that we observed in our own lives. Especially in a world that is exploding now whole heartedly into a digital sphere, where so many of us spend ever greater portions of our lifetime sitting in front of a computer.

Villagecraft was our humble attempt at using the Internet to get more people out into their communities, talking, and learning from each other.

We focused on what seemed to be a pretty wide variety of different skills, crafts, and projects, most of which offered some degree of self empowerment or what Ivan Illich might call Vernacular Benefit. At it’s essence, crafts that enrich their human and non-human communities, as opposed to stripping them of their social, economic, or nutrient fertility.

We encouraged and cajoled hundreds of people in the Oakland/Berkeley area of the San Francisco Bay Area to offer low-cost workshops and classes on everything from Music, Farming, Massage, Health, Sourdough, Parkour, Bike Maintenance, Welding, Ancestral Skills, Tailoring & Repairing Clothing, Making Shoes, Empanada Parties, Cryptocurrency, Making Flutes & Didgeridoos, Slam Poetry, Capoeira, Drumming, Book Making, Meditation, to Cryptography, Writing, Dancing, Fermentation, Foreign Languages, Local News Publishing, 3D Printing, Foraging Wild Foods, Raising & Butchering Rabbits, Strength Training, Leatherworking, and Carpentry.